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Products pricelist 2019

The slides are certified by Trial institute for light industry in České Budějovice.

Wellen 1 (Grimsel) 45kg, 3,5m 440 EUR
Wellen 2 (Susten) 61kg, 4,4m 577 EUR
Wellen 3 (Furka) 84kg, 6m 745 EUR
Wendel - Ruttsche (tobogan 1400) 65kg 838 EUR
Wendel - Ruttsche (tobogan 2000) 84kg 978 EUR
Sella (shortened Rawil) 13kg, 2m 257 EUR
Rawil 24kg, 3m 347 EUR
Albula 45kg, 4m 545 EUR
Bernina 58kg, 5m 582 EUR
Maloja 10kg 233 EUR
Other products
Passwang 3,5 m (Rogwiller) 358 CZK
Klausen 3 m 210 EUR

All prices are without VAT.